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Pokedoll figure Commissions!

Hi everyone!
I'm back with brand new ☆pokedoll figure commissions!☆
I present to you,
♡♡The tiniest mini pokedolls ever made!♡♡

♢Shiny Suicune!♢

(Dime for size reference.)

~♡All are OOAK, handmade and painted by me with sturdy clay, and quality paint materials.♡
~☆Original pokedoll designs also available, customized pokemon and OCs welcome as well.☆

Commissions start at $30,

Rules here;
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Also be sure to check out my facebook page here for more updates:

♡Coming up soon!♡

1 CM porygon2 plushplush, Metagross pokedoll!
Plush, Art and other customs journal here;
I also accept trades for anything on my wants list here;
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Breaking news: Cancellation announcement.

It was announced today that Gen 7 would be Pokemon's last,
GameFreak and Nintendo have been fighting for years until the point of seperation.

Don't fret,

Nintendo has come up with a new replacement for the pokemon series.

It will feature superpowered Tingles,

Each tingle has a different type, indigestion, and fighting style.
Capture them on trees, prisons, or slingshot them from the air.
With the popularity of the Zelda IP. It has a strong chance,
A formal demo at E3 is expected.

Meanwhile GameFreak is struggling to get its full rights back,
It has come up with an independent idea for a new mobile game.

It will feature this shinx-like mouse puppy thing,

And it will be controlled by screaming profanities into the mic.

What do you think of this new upcoming generation of gaming?
Comment below.
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Commissions! Custom plush, art, bags, pokedolls and more! :D

♡♡♡◆◆◆Hi guys!◆◆◆◆♡♡♡
I'm back with commissions!♡♡♡ :D
Please see the rules first here:
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◆Preview: ◆

NEW novelty plush:
(All designed by me) :D


♡Realistic plush:♡


◆See more under the cut!◆

NEW: :3
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Much more! Realistic, pokedolls, trainers and more!
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All under the cut!
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◇◇◇◆◆◆♡♡♡♡I will leave ten slots open.♡♡♡♡◆◆◆◇◇◇
Anyone can commission as many item(s) and/or art in one slot.
I may also open more if needed!


♡♡♡Thanks for looking!♡♡♡
Any questions? Feel free to ask below!
I also make other non-pokemon characters! (AC, Nintendo, etc.) Please contact me on etsy:
or PM me for that. :D

And of course,
I will trade for anything on my wants list!:

*Please PM me for that, will trade more for certain special grails of mine.*

Looking to buy anything on my wants list too! :D.♡♡♡

♡♡♡◆Especially these two:◆♡♡♡


(Or any mini pokedolls really, :D)

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Thanks again♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

-DX Rayquaza doll
-Rayquaza doll keychain
-Pikachu Plushplush
-Genuine version Kyogre mini pokedoll
-MWT 2006 Shadow Lugia Doll
mini plush

Merch for the New Year! R/G/B/Y Nostalgia, Littles tales 3! And more!

What a wonderful surprise! :D
Such amazing new merch!

First up;

Straps (blind bag) - 560 yen each
Clear file set of two - 400 yen each
Washi tape - 600 yen each
Pouch - 1,850 yen each
Tote bag - 3,000 yen each
Melamine cup - 500 yen each
Melamine plate - 700 yen each
iPhone 6/6s case -1,880 yen each
Plushies - 4,800 yen each

Not pictured:
Sock set - 1,000 yen
Tins w/ramune flavoed candy (blind bag) - 380 yen each"

Well, honestly, this gave me heartache.

No figure straps? I mean... PT are the figure straps of all figure straps.
Please, please tell me if they will be making them because the gorgeousness of the pokés bum me out. ._.
Still want the plates though.

YES. :'D
I screamed with joy upon seeing this!
I cannot wait!!!!
Cutie Pikachu with a bowtie and hat? Cannot miss!
I really hope they make a set of figure charms this time :3

Finally the 20th Pokemon anniversary is upon us!

Wow, they look so cool! And they'll even be giving out a Mew! :D

And.... Pokemon sketch campaign!

6 pocket clear files - 470 yen each
Sketchbook - 400 yen each
Drawstring bags - 400 yen each
Larger drawstring bags - 600 yen each
Pencil pouch - 1,200 yen each
Pass case - 930 yen each
Hand towels - 500 yen each
Note boxes - 1,000 yen each
Note stands - 500 yen each

Not pictured:
Stickers - 300 yen each

:D I cannot wait for more.
Such gorgeousness! And.....
Gets post will be coming soon~♡

But I still am after all my wants here:
mini plush

■Under construction ■My Favorite Pokemon: Looking for Pokemon Merch!

Please check out my wants list here:

Here is a list of my favorites!
Yes, I have a lot of favorites!
I love them all! ♡♡♡♡

I am interested in any plush, keychains, straps, mugs, and other usable goods of these pokemon.
And any Pre-ORAS goods of Latias :D

Ultra supreme Honor No. 1 favorites
I admittedly use the word favorite a lot, (even though I truly love all my pokemon!)
But these are my Crown Jewels, my favorites of them all,
I couldn't pick which out of the two of them, so they together share first place!

Ultra Supreme Favorites
My babies♡

Ultra Faves

Super Favorites
Love them too~
mini plush

Art Commission Post! Traditional, Digital, Canvas, Mini and more~

◆◇♢Welcome to my art commission post!♢◇◆
This journal is for prices, examples, and the place to ask for art commissions!
I also accept trades for anything on my wants list:

*please note: I prefer to sell to members of pkmncollectors*

◆This is my feedback:
I was granted sales permission on November 7th, 2015 by areica96

***PLEASE NOTE: I DON'T make mature content. Please do not ask. I will NOT make it, period***

♡♡♡Pokemon Art!♡♡♡
Will trade for anything in my wants list:

◆◇♢Art examples and prices!♢◇◆

Digital art:

◆Single character, more simplistic background starts @ $20.

◆Several characters, more complex background, shading,
Starts at $60.

Miniature Canvas

◆Options: 2.5x2.5 white canvas, 2.5x2.5 black canvas, 2x3 white canvas.
◆Materials: Oil pastels, Soft Pastels, Ink, Chalk, Charcoal.

◆Base price starts at $25 w/ one character, $5 extra per up to 3 characters, ◆$3 extra after 3 characters.
Background price depends on what you'd like.
◆Shipping to US is $3.50, $1 extra per canvas.

Simple sketch:

◆Single character starts at $11, ◆extra character $4 each.
◆Optional shipping starts at .75 cents within US, plus paypal fees.

♢♢♢Animal paintings♢♢♢

◆Digital art starts at $35 w/ single animal. Extra animal depends on species.

◆Canvas art starts at $70 w/ single animal.
◆Extra animal starts at $15

◆Simple sketch starts art $18 w/ single animal.
◆Extra animal price depends on species.

I mostly draw my favorite Birds, Foxes, Wolves, Fish, Eagles, Hummingbirds, Owls and Dogs. But I can make a variety of other animals, please inquire!

Will trade for anything in my wants list:

♡♡♡That's it! Thanks for looking ^^♡♡

♡♡♡Any questions? Feel free to ask!♡♡♡
mini plush


Hi guys, time for a wants post,

I got some Birthday money I wanna use! (>♡w♡)>

Biggest wants:

More wants:

UPDATE: More items added :D

More really high wants:

More Latias GRAIL wants!♡♡
(*Latias only, I have little to no interest in Latios :/)

PLEASE PM me if you have ANY OF THESE for sale,
Or ANYTHING related to mini pokedolls, or pre-2012 Latias items (ESPECIALLY CHARMS/KEYCHAINS),

I am also willing to trade custom mini plush, mini canvas, and digital art.

Small sales plug:

Even SEVERAL for my two biggest grails,
Shadow Lugia and Sceptile.

I am especially looking for this guy:

( I really want this guy for Xmas ;n;)

That's all! Thanks~ ;w;

VINTAGE, genuine rare Lenox 100th year anniversary Teddy bear with fine ivory china 24 karat gold, h

For sale in my etsy:
Please consider giving it a good home.

This adorable set of a small quality plush Teddy bear, with a smaller fine ivory china ornament Teddy bear accented with 24 karat gold is rare and hard to find.

It is in perfect condition, no damage to the plush or ornament. Nothing more than slight dust on the box.

'Once upon a time, one hundred years ago, Teddy Roosevelt was on a hunting expedition in Mississippi. Hounds pursued a bear for hours, exhausting the large creature. Although the bear was eventually captured,Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot him. The political cartoon depicting the incident that appeared the next day inspired the first "Teddy's bear", a toy that has been cherished both by children and adults for generations.

Now to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Teddy bear, Lenox presents a quality plush Teddy bear cradling a china bear ornament, in the classic Lenox tradition, the ornament is made of fine ivory china, handpainted and accented in 24 karat gold.

Like those Teddy bears that have remained beloved friends from childhood, often positioned in a place of honor, on a dresser or atop a treasure chest, this loveable duo will become valued family heirlooms.'

It retailed for much higher, and I didn't want to part with it but alas, I hope it can find a new home where it is loved and treasured.

I will ship it in a box to keep its amazing condition.

Pokedolls! Link to my etsy~ ♡w♡




-I was granted sales permission on 11/07/2015 by AREICA96
-My feedback is located here at:

-All pkmncollectors rules apply.
-Prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping/fees.
-I only accept Paypal.
-Payment is due within 24 hrs, may hold items longer depending on the situation.
-I am willing to do holds. Holds will be treated as a commitment.
-Haggling is allowed. 
However, I reserve the right to reject an offer or give a counter offer.
-Please make clear whether you are asking for a quote or are committing. Committing to a sale and backing out will result in negative feedback.
-I ship from the US. 
-Shipping starts at $3.30 for nonflats and $0.75 for flats. No extra material fees unless I need to buy a box.
-I am NOT a fast shipper. (It usually takes no more than a week, though.)
-No international shipping at this time, sorry. :(
(If there's something you truly want I can hold the item for 12 hours for you to find a middleman.)
-I am not responsible for items lost/damaged by the post office. After they are shipped, it's out of my hands. 
(But I will always try to protect the items the best I can for you.)
-All items come from a non-smoking, pet-free home. Please note that some items have previous owners, these will be marked as such, if you have any further concerns please ask. I will try my best to answer any questions.