latiasylveon (latiasylveon) wrote,

Wants list!

Finally of course, my wants list, aka the items I'm willing to trade for:

high priority: Rayquaza, Ho oh, Pichu, Shinx, Pachirisu!

If you have ANY of these, or from the same line or other mini pokedolls not on my list do shoot me an offer!
I am always willing to hear it out!

I also will trade for custom plush and art!


Currently looking for:

mini Pokedolls:
Main priority right now is the Lugia!!

And to a broader point, any of these for cheap:

More HERE:

Remember I will hear out any offers of a ANY mini pokedolls. I have it already? Ask, you never know.
I am also willing to trade custom plush and art for them, inquire about these.
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