latiasylveon (latiasylveon) wrote,

■Under construction ■My Favorite Pokemon: Looking for Pokemon Merch!

Please check out my wants list here:

Here is a list of my favorites!
Yes, I have a lot of favorites!
I love them all! ♡♡♡♡

I am interested in any plush, keychains, straps, mugs, and other usable goods of these pokemon.
And any Pre-ORAS goods of Latias :D

Ultra supreme Honor No. 1 favorites
I admittedly use the word favorite a lot, (even though I truly love all my pokemon!)
But these are my Crown Jewels, my favorites of them all,
I couldn't pick which out of the two of them, so they together share first place!

Ultra Supreme Favorites
My babies♡

Ultra Faves

Super Favorites
Love them too~
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