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Merch for the New Year! R/G/B/Y Nostalgia, Littles tales 3! And more!

What a wonderful surprise! :D
Such amazing new merch!

First up;

Straps (blind bag) - 560 yen each
Clear file set of two - 400 yen each
Washi tape - 600 yen each
Pouch - 1,850 yen each
Tote bag - 3,000 yen each
Melamine cup - 500 yen each
Melamine plate - 700 yen each
iPhone 6/6s case -1,880 yen each
Plushies - 4,800 yen each

Not pictured:
Sock set - 1,000 yen
Tins w/ramune flavoed candy (blind bag) - 380 yen each"

Well, honestly, this gave me heartache.

No figure straps? I mean... PT are the figure straps of all figure straps.
Please, please tell me if they will be making them because the gorgeousness of the pokés bum me out. ._.
Still want the plates though.

YES. :'D
I screamed with joy upon seeing this!
I cannot wait!!!!
Cutie Pikachu with a bowtie and hat? Cannot miss!
I really hope they make a set of figure charms this time :3

Finally the 20th Pokemon anniversary is upon us!

Wow, they look so cool! And they'll even be giving out a Mew! :D

And.... Pokemon sketch campaign!

6 pocket clear files - 470 yen each
Sketchbook - 400 yen each
Drawstring bags - 400 yen each
Larger drawstring bags - 600 yen each
Pencil pouch - 1,200 yen each
Pass case - 930 yen each
Hand towels - 500 yen each
Note boxes - 1,000 yen each
Note stands - 500 yen each

Not pictured:
Stickers - 300 yen each

:D I cannot wait for more.
Such gorgeousness! And.....
Gets post will be coming soon~♡

But I still am after all my wants here:
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