Hi guys, time for a wants post,

I got some Birthday money I wanna use! (>♡w♡)>

Biggest wants:

More wants:

The rest:

PLEASE PM me if you have ANY OF THESE for sale,

I am also willing to trade custom mini plush, mini canvas, and digital art.
Please inquire about those, mini canvas art post here:
(I am as good on digital as I am on canvas, btw.)

Even SEVERAL for my two biggest grails,
Shadow Lugia and Sceptile.

That's all! Thanks~ ;w;

Wants list!

Finally of course, my wants list, aka the items I'm willing to trade for:

high priority: Rayquaza, Ho oh, Pichu, Shinx, Pachirisu!

If you have ANY of these, or from the same line or other mini pokedolls not on my list do shoot me an offer!
I am always willing to hear it out!

I also will trade for custom plush and art!


Currently looking for:

mini Pokedolls:
Main priority right now is the Lugia!!

And to a broader point, any of these for cheap:

More HERE:

Remember I will hear out any offers of a ANY mini pokedolls. I have it already? Ask, you never know.
I am also willing to trade custom plush and art for them, inquire about these.

Sales post: mini Canvas art! looking for mini pokedolls!

Welcome to my ART for sale/trade post!
Lets start with my feedback!:
This is for my physical canvas art exclusively,
See my digital art in this other sales post: (not available yet, please see DA gallery for now:
I am as good in digital art as traditional art.
Anything style/art you like/see here I can make in digital.

(Small examples:, please see link.)

Some things to start off! All art concept is made by me!
All art is designed, thought out and of course drawn by me! All art works are OOAK, I will only make similar ones if the same buyer/trader/commissioner (ie. You!) requests it!

Most of my art work is in Miniature scale!
I have 3 types of canvas currently, 2.5 by 2.5 inches in black or white, and a 2 by 3 inches in white.

Here is what is currently available:

From left to right!

1. $35- "None more precious than the other" featuring Diancie and Carbink. Black canvas with charcoal and chalk pastel, it also glimmers!

2. Hoenn landscape painting, sold. Sorry ^^;

3. $45- "Eyes like stars..." features Attack Deoxys and its buddy/or foe still in a meteorite! Black canvas, oil pastel.

4. $35-"Details" features Pumpkaboo, Zubat, Phantump, Frosslass, Murkrow and a secret pokemon in the water.
Ink on canvas.

5. $35- "Moon embracing the Sun" features Espeon and Umbreon, the famous gen 2 eeveelutions, in the sunset. Also featured Lunatone and Solrock.
Oil pastel on rectangular canvas.

6. $35- "Scentses" features most of the flower pokemon!
Florges, Cherrim, Shaymin, Lilligant, Hoppip, Sunflora in an Art Noveu style. Pastel on canvas.

7. $25- "Welcome to the night Chateu" features a variety of ghost pokemon, Banette, Sableye, Doublade, Mismagius, Litwick, and more in the paintings! Also features Darkrai, a Dark type.  White ink on black canvas, for an inverted look.

8. $25- "Elemental birds" features legendary bird trio!
Pastel on black canvas.

9. $25- "Infinty" features Rayquaza. Pastel on canvas.

More examples:

(Not for sale sorry)
Thanks for looking if you are interested leave a comment or send a PM!

I also take commissions for trades!

Please check out my wants list!
Small preview! Biggest wants:

I will currently trade almost any amount of commissions for these two in particular! I want them so much!

Please inquire!
Sylveon by me

Wants list!

Here is my wants list!

Will listen to offers in ANY condition!
also in a somewhat order of priority:

Currently looking for:
mini Pokedolls:
Main priority right now is the Lugia!!

And to a broader point, any of these for cheap:



Random campaigns:

LATIAS MPC PLUSH(can't find a pic....)

Tomy plush:
"" either, though I like the Sonokong better.

Major Wants:


LATIAS ONLY, (I don't collect Latios.)

Grail of all grails:

Figure Keychains and straps:

Major wants:


Seriously need these but can't pay the prices I see them for hopefully someone has them cheaper?
I was a total idiot and didn't get the mini kyogre when there was a cheap bootie,..
I'm fine with either, of course I won't pay the same as for the legit one!
I just really need a tiny Kyogre in my life ;_;