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VINTAGE, genuine rare Lenox 100th year anniversary Teddy bear with fine ivory china 24 karat gold, h

For sale in my etsy:
Please consider giving it a good home.

This adorable set of a small quality plush Teddy bear, with a smaller fine ivory china ornament Teddy bear accented with 24 karat gold is rare and hard to find.

It is in perfect condition, no damage to the plush or ornament. Nothing more than slight dust on the box.

'Once upon a time, one hundred years ago, Teddy Roosevelt was on a hunting expedition in Mississippi. Hounds pursued a bear for hours, exhausting the large creature. Although the bear was eventually captured,Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot him. The political cartoon depicting the incident that appeared the next day inspired the first "Teddy's bear", a toy that has been cherished both by children and adults for generations.

Now to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Teddy bear, Lenox presents a quality plush Teddy bear cradling a china bear ornament, in the classic Lenox tradition, the ornament is made of fine ivory china, handpainted and accented in 24 karat gold.

Like those Teddy bears that have remained beloved friends from childhood, often positioned in a place of honor, on a dresser or atop a treasure chest, this loveable duo will become valued family heirlooms.'

It retailed for much higher, and I didn't want to part with it but alas, I hope it can find a new home where it is loved and treasured.

I will ship it in a box to keep its amazing condition.
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